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Also available on 12" Heavyweight Marbled Vinyl:


released October 13, 2014



all rights reserved


SOLEMN SUN Cheltenham, UK

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Track Name: JOSEF
hold your head up high above the water ‘cause if you don’t you know you’re sure to drown. my name is josef and i am the sea. i see your plans and your figures, like you’ve been losing a life. i see a more perfect union, i see there’s more to the light in your eyes. this could’ve buried me and i wouldn’t know. this tide could’ve swallowed me whole. i’ve been holding onto everything i ever thought i’d be, but i’ve been losing myself, losing myself in me. i need the water, to fill up my lungs as i breathe. i need the morning light to leave.
Track Name: 30:10
take me as i am, i know you understand whatever drives a man to this. you want to believe in me, seeing your face it seems that i have achieved some things before. will someone save me i’ve been losing faith. this storm is coming i stand here and wait. the family history is lost, it’s haunting me like a ghost, but hanging around this house won’t solve. i’m made of assembled parts, travelling light and dark in a life that has left its mark on me. and i pray that these nights will be swallowed alive by your eyes, and i pray that these nights will let go. i’ll never let you go. i won’t let you go.
Track Name: CHILDREN
i’ve been losing sight of myself for years living in the fear i may just become the one collecting years not proud of the way they are or anything i fought to bring me to here. i’ve been shedding friends like dead skin, it’s easier for me to just close this door on a past life i feel its not worth fighting for, we’ve all grown up since then and out across this world. but some of us are children. i’ve been trapped behind this pulpit for far too long, i don’t want to wait for death to decide. i don’t see the light you follow, every road i take to leave is leading me home. i don’t know what i believe in, everything i’m giving is just never enough. i need somebody to follow me away from this irrelevant hope, and i need somebody to follow me, to save me from what ties me to home.
Track Name: RUIN
it’s a dead town where it seems life’s a memory, the towering heights of the city inside is beating through me. i don’t wanna be the only man standing alive in this ruin, and all that’s left of me be cursed missed opportunities. i swear i’ll be the only man who’s alive in this century that didn’t mean no harm. i had a love, its bigger than me. no one alive is gonna tell me they’re right or i’m wrong to believe. ‘cause no one really knows. i wanna think that somewhere along this new road there’s a life for me, I’m not the only one. if this is how the story ends i was lost in this battle my friend remember me as the man who loved.
Track Name: I SAW
i’m counting on you, to keep the blood in my veins, we never wanted division, it was the vision that changed. and now i’m falling apart in the hands of god in every city we visit another part of me is lost. we can try in the morning light, and we can lie when the morning light’s gone. i hold my head up higher in my defeats, i know that i’ve had every win i could need. i saw the planets realigning for me and you know that i will have the wildest dreams. i wanted the truth but you gave me this cage, i never wanted a prison it built itself in my name. now i’m falling apart in the hands of god, i’m a caricature of the person you want. you can try in the chorus line, you can lie when the chorus line’s gone. you’re the only part of me that i’ll ever love, and i know it. you’re the only reason i am not giving up on the way this is meant to be.